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Meeting notes

1) Haxogreen camp

  • Who goes?

2) Fri3d camp

  • 16-17 th of june: field day
  • 178 tickets available @ 19th of May
  • 420/600 tickets sold @ 19th of May
  • embassy will set up and drive to there.
  • we can sell special beers.

3) EMF camp

  • 31 augustus - 2 september - Sold out
  • embassy will set up and drive to there. people can join the ride.

4) Status Spacefed

  • WIP
  • betz will create a ansible role for spacefed when our work is stable. This to help roll out a new spacefed node.

5) Status 'Social embassy infrastructure' project

  • matrix had a rough few weeks.
  • single point of failure for DNS
  • diaspora and mastodon where started, waiting for DNS update

6) Start '' on separated VM?

  • see point above single point of failure

7) New brother: Hackerspace Brugge

8) New brother: Hackerspace Kortrijk

9) New brother: Hacklab Hennuyeres B-7090

10) Next meeting 18 August @ Fri3d camp

  • Space Projects: voorstel om zoals hackeragenda via RSS feed grotere projecten uit spaces te bundelen (vb: luchtkwaliteit VoidWarranties en Plastic Moon Ko-Lab)



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