Meeting notes

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1) CCC congress

* vouchers time is over

* one more vending day 21/11/2017 BE THERE IN TIME

* ward is driving 23rd, returning the 30th, 3 seats available

* betz thinks of driving bus, seats available

* have a look at ibis budget leipzig messe for hotel

* for cars think about umweltzone sticker

* mitch lamps: go. ward sends his address to mitch


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2) Fri3d camp

* 16/17 dec field exploration day

* 28 feb CFP deadline

* We can have berkenhof house if we provide enough content

** this house is on the outside of the place

** has sleeping beds

** has kitchen

* 18 february we will have a next meeting where we will meet fri3d orga again


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3) Superficial Sympony Orchestra

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