Table of Contents

  1. About
  2. The plan
  3. Hosting
  4. Help
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1) About

A landingpage for the shared infrastructure for our social appliances:

We are having a hackaton at Newline.
If you wanna help, join. We can use some help.

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2) The plan

  • A landing page for all those tools
  • The matrix server (listening on via a SRV record)
  • The Diaspora pod.
  • Guess :)
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3) Hosting

Currently hosted on VMs on AWS.
HSBXL has 2000$ worth of credits, to use in one year. Those credits are renewed each year.
As after 4 months of running about 5 VM's, only 50$ is used. So, use more VM's. :)

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4) Help

If you wanna join, send a mail to '' with your pubkey and wanted username.

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